Date rage

Man I must be in the Universe’s bad books today…. I’m getting bad vibes from several guys and I have to say I think it’s totally uncalled for.

I blew off a guy recently (let me be clear by blew off I mean let down, I can see you deviant readers!) after a first date. I even Googled “How to let someone down gently” first to soften the blow. I sent a polite text to the effect of “thanks, but I didn’t feel any chemistry, good luck”. To begin with he took it in good spirit even mentioning he forgot to bring his chemistry set, but that was 4 days ago and since then I have had progressively angry and ranting texts. Scariness. Thank goodness I didn’t tell him my full name, place of work or home address.

Online I’ve been getting the mean reds from a guy I’ve been talking to since back in April. Really he’s my darling little dating protege. He is 11 years younger than me, rather hot and lives in a different city. Secretly I am loving this role as a kind of Puma-in-waiting (for those of you who don’t know that’s a younger Cougar!), he calls me his rainbow, bless. So sweet. I give him guidance and mentorship from afar on dating girls. But he’s kind of hellbent on dating me despite the age gap and the distance involved. But today he sent me a horrible glare face emoticon and told me that he’s getting tired of asking for my number and waiting for an invitation to come and stay at my house. Hello, sorry? Stay at my house? Is there anybody in there? Reality check. I don’t know you and I never promised anything more than chat and support? D’oh.

Meanwhile in the date ‘waiting room’ I got a text from a guy I’m lining up for a first date who had to cancel on me. Problem is he cancelled 2 hours prior to said meeting this afternoon, due to work commitments. Bad form. He suggests we reschedule for the weekend, I coolly said I was busy and probably won’t be free for a re-match till next week (genuine non-dating commitments apply here folks). He comes back and accusingly implies I must have lots of dates lined up! The cheek. As a good friend of mine would say “you snooze, you lose” so I’m not sure now if I will be free next week after all………

the birds


One thought on “Date rage

  1. Loving the stories, could this be a pre cursor to the new “Bridget Jones Diary” Hang in there girl looking forward to the next instalment

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