The Wicked Witch of The West

She cannot be beaten and yet she doesn’t fight, she isn’t there and yet she’s omnipresent, a dagger in the heart where there was joy and last but not least she’s weak but all powerful so you may as well pick up your little sack of toys and go home.

Who am I talking about? The ex wife. And no I’m not trying to be uncharitable. It’s just the way I’ve seen it. Of the last three men I’ve been involved with, every time I’ve played my cards I’ve been trumped by the ex. Granted these men have been hurt by their wives but somehow two years plus down the line they are still holding an ever burning candle. In fact Mr.Twisted, who as you know stuck the knife into me good last year, actually told me that I couldn’t have his heart because it was hers. And even though he knows deep down she’s not coming back he’s resigned himself to an impenetrable solitude.

It’s happened to me again recently and I can’t get my head around it. Sadly I have no way of knowing that they haven’t healed until it’s way too late for me and my poor brave little heart sitting as it is proud on my sleeve. But how can I compete with a woman who has transcended into a ghost of perfection? Who embodies all that was good and golden in the beginning when they were green? These women have moved on with their lives and left their men trampled in their path. But try as I might I can’t help them pick up the pieces, like Dorothy’s companions in the Wizard of Oz they’ve lost their hearts, brains and courage and they push and shove me away all the better for not seeing or dealing. Because you see it’s not fearless, bright and cheery Dorothy they want, it’s the Wicked Witch of the West who broke them in the first place. Life is sick isn’t it?

And meanwhile I’m way down the Yellow Brick Road having done my relationship grieving and I’m ready for my new chapter, I’m so ready I’m positively overflowing with love. But I don’t have a companion to share it with except for my own two, fluffy Totos. Just sometimes I really do wish I could click my heels three times and make the Wicked Witch melt, fix them and live happily ever after. But it seems the universe has a different plan for me, the seemingly never ending journey of singledom and I don’t mind admitting I’m getting really, really tired of walking it alone, but I guess I’ll just keep putting one red sequinned shoe in front of the other, at least do it in nice heels eh Dorothy?



5 thoughts on “The Wicked Witch of The West

  1. Kitty….don’t fall into the trap of the downward spiral…are these men the ones that you really want?…do you really want to be second choice? …”Hell no”… I hear you shout (really loud by the way). Why be second to the perceived ghost of perfection? Their wives left their man for a reason and probably a damn good one and if those men are hanging out for chance with that perceived perfect ghost, then they are not worth your love, your warmth, your giving nature or your amazing personality. Why have all that stamped on because they use the excuse of their need for their ex. I too still live with the ex-wife (even though she has moved on and re-married) and i miss the …”loss of the family unit” bullshit 8 years later, it never goes away and is always there, if they can’t move on as their wives have, they are not worth our effort, they need to grow some balls and be men about it and move on.
    Kitty there are people out there and they are not the tin man, the lion or the scarecrow but more like regular joe’s who are in the same boat as us. Stop trying too hard you dont need to…you are a gorgeous funny and giving person and they can shove it where the sun don’t shine!

    • Thanks Foxy for the vote of confidence and whilst I hear what you are saying I’m not sure I entirely agree. You are right in saying that no I don’t wan’t to be second choice, but I don’t mind being second chance and that’s the difference. I think you get two for the price of one next time around with someone who’s been around the block. Someone who is hopefully older, wiser and more loving for it. The universe’s timing isn’t always spot on you know and some are worth the wait. I’m gonna take my chances and fight the wicked witch and may the best woman win….

      • I agree Kitty but the hurt along the way….is it really worth it. Why should you have to wait…irrespective of obstacles…
        But….you should always have hope and belief so take the witch down!

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