Love Ever After?

I beat the odds, it’s official – after lonely years in the wilderness I’m happily walking hand in hand with my meant-to-be love.

I’m not crowing, I’m not lording it, I’m not rubbing it in, I’m just saying hang on in there people please. Even when it’s dark and you’re lonely and thinking bad thoughts. Even when cruel people take your love, turn it back and hurt you. Even when you doubt yourself and stoop so low. Keep on trucking, one step in front of the other, it’s true what they say you won’t be lonely forever. Honestly, I am proof. Good, no, amazing things come to those who wait, look and learn.

My man and I are damaged. We poured our love away, wasting heart and soul on undeserving people. We waited in vain and in pain, but a broken heart is stronger than a whole heart – it means you tried and fell hard along the way. We learnt to choose better, to choose reciprocity and to choose happiness.

Miss Kitty finally got her man! So it’s time to close the blog and get out and enjoy some happy loving! Thank you to everyone who commented or followed my journey through the post 30 and 40 dating landscape, this blog was my absolute rock and gave me encouragement. The funny, the silly, the heartbreaking… what a journey I had, but if I can find him in all of that you can too. And to my special man…

I believe in love ♥

I believe in you ♥

Thank you cariad ♥

The End xox