About Miss Kitty

What do they say after a break up? New job, new hair, new man? Well I did the new job, skipped the hair part and I’m still looking for the new man….  so far my search has prompted my friends to encourage me to write about it. So what you say? Another sad singleton looking for love. The difference is I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and 3 years ago we suffered a devastating, fatal earthquake. Our little city is in pieces, as are a lot of our relationships, mine included. The divorce rate is up and people are feeling the strain. On February 22nd 2011, 182 people were cruelly taken away and we all had a big wake up call, that life is too short to waste time. Not long after this I realized it was the case for me too and separated from my long-term partner after waiting 11 endlessly long years for a ring and a family plan.

So here I am three years on, I’m 40, still single, never been married and childless, looking for love in a broken city… along the way I’ll share my stories, have a laugh and perhaps and most importantly learn a few things about myself.


8 thoughts on “About Miss Kitty

  1. I know the stories first hand from you and still these made me giggle – this is a book in waiting – make sure you keep it up – LOVE IT!!! Jules xoxox

  2. I’m a new follower! After reading your “about” I’m hooked. We’re in similar places in our lives and I find it refreshing to read the perspective of another woman going through the same thing (albeit in a different country, but on the same quest for love). Love this! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Thanks Unicorn – great name by the way! Yes it’s a funny, long, winding crooked little path that we’re travelling on with many hills and troughs, trolls and dwarves along the way and as much as my feet are hurting (gotta be in these gorgeous stilettos) I’m sure that it will be worth it in the end right? We may have to kiss the prince ourselves to wake him up but if it means happy sometime after well I’m up for that! Keep on prancing Unicorn, the magic as you know is out there x

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